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xXTIMMYTOOFARXx PS4this is why you should NEVER spawn in a vehicle with me... sorry misfit @_@
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Pippen tagPS4  Hahaha oh dear
dryt00tme PS4  hahahahahahahahaha
RisingRock tagPS4  That'll buff right out! oops!
Squirrel tagPS4  created a new thread Recruit Evaluation (PS4) BF4 - DirtyDyl in the Recruit Evaluation forum
jnwrotc tagPS4CoD Players: Clan Wars have started up again! If you will be participating in them make sure you sign up so you can get some LoCG points!
Squirrel tagPS4Get over and like our FB Page!!
League of Casual Gamers
League of Casual Gamers. 40 likes · 2 talking about this. League of Casual Gamers is a NZ/AUS based PS3/PS4/PC Gaming Clan specializing in First Person Shooters for the Casual Game...
RisingRock tagPS4  created a new thread No Man's Sky in the Gaming Chat forum
Slender755 PS4Hey thanks for some good BF games last night my first night as a LoCG member. I know I didn't say much lol but sure was fun!
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jnwrotc tagPS4  We had some good games this evening!
Slender755 PS4  Yeah we did although it was morning here in NZ haha.
peacock93 PS4  I'm missing out on all of the fun! Hopefully I'll have a little more free time soon.
kill__all PS4a wtf moment, but still extremely proud of my accomplishment
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kill__all PS4  If u want to see bf4 physics there is a AWESOME example in my helitours vid on flood zone
Casamyr tagPS4  How the hell do you get a heli in there?
kill__all PS4  Skill???
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Some good games tonight with the crew! And no lag to be seen, even on Lagging Dam and Hanging Resort!!
Should let my nephew play more often, there was no lag for him tonight lol
stupid internet shitting itself!!!!!
ship even
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