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kill__all PS41st video ever succesfully uploaded, yay
Fail, then win, then fail, then "i believe"
Uploaded by rob jones on 2014-04-16.
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Pippen tagPS4  "I believe I can flyyyyy"
Squirrel tagPS4Holy Crap. If you havnt seen this, take a look. WTF has happened to Dice? This game is gaining issue after issue that is alienating the entire BF community. I cant fathom that a game with $100 Million of development, is still like this 7 months after release. Fucken EA...
Death Shield - Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Death Shield Bug - Put this video together bec...
Pippen tagPS4  Saw this vid the other day, haven't noticed it happen to me in game yet though.
davobhoy1967 tagtagPS4  Scotty it happens to everyone else trying to kill you.
peacock93 PS4  I've bitched about this but never actually knew what was happening. Hopefully Dice gets this fixed soon. For now I'll just have to pay attention to where the dead bodies are when I play. Thanks Colombian_Loco for the heads up!
NiceGamerPaul PS4  created a new thread When The Game Stands Tall in the Movies and TV Shows Chat forum
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Finally after a very long two months
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7 Movies and TV Shows Cha...
jnwrotc tagPS4I had a few people asking me this and I just wanted to clarify for everyone that the CoD awards do work for ALL Call of Duty games, Black Ops, Ghost, Modern Warfare. So regardless of the CoD game you play, you can be working towards your awards.

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StoreyedWeevil tagPS4  created a new thread PS Vita Slim in the Gaming Chat forum
jnwrotc tagPS4I use my phone for my alarm in the morning and this morning I woke up to a very strange noise. It my sleepy stumble it took me a few minutes to figure out it was coming from my phone. My wife switched my alarm ringtone to Pippen's song, "Diddley Dee" as payback for watching that video so many times. I blame Pippen!
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xXTIMMYTOOFARXx PS4  hahaha your wife officially wants a divorce!
jnwrotc tagPS4  Should have seen it coming..
kill__all PS4  nothing at all to do with me..... *walks away humming the song
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shit mate, thats a crap day alright. :(
lose my iPhone, 4 hours late for work, and find out I need my gall bladder cutting out. FML
FIFA live on twitch LoCG Fifa
just realized pippen has 10 medals. but soon il have summer vacation to catch up :)
Damn..good few games yesterday!
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