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Welcome to the League of Casual Gamers. Step inside and introduce yourself to the other members of the League.
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By [MIA] Pippen InactivetagPS4PC Nov 26, 16
Clan Events
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Information on all external Clan Matches.
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By [MIA] Ratman InactivetagPS4tag Aug 18, 14
All information relating to Events in the Clan Calendar
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By Casamyr tagPS4tag Sep 4, 14
Information on all Internal Clan Battles between LoCG members.
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By jnwrotc tagPS4tag Sep 5, 14
Location for all Clan Alliance threads
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By [MIA] Ratman InactivetagPS4tag Aug 28, 14
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Welcome to our latest member vontetris Applicant registered May 28, 17
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