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LoCG.enjin.com  -  We are a friendly community that is passionate about gaming but not all serious ...
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B-rett01 Applicant and vontetris Applicant registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
Sir Jim Rustle tagPS4  registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
League of Casual Gamers (LoCG) has reached a new record of 200 registered users today!
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Squirrel tagPS4tag  #AWESOME!!!
[MIA] Zanta InactivetagPS4tag  Let's continue to grow as friends and never forget to be Casual and stress free. :d

<3 you all.
[MIA] SnSSouthern InactivetagPS4Unfortunately due too the time zone differences I am having to move clan as I am never able to catch up with you guys. Thank you all for everything, hopefully will still see some of you around.
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[MIA] MoTism InactivetagPS4tag  Sad to see you leave mate, if I'm online late enough always feel free to send an invite :)
o42dragon Probationtag and plungethethumb Applicant registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
[MIA] Multilog ProbationInactivetag  registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
MegaGrantis Probationtag  registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
Jack_Wilson_91 Applicant  registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
[MIA] Pippen InactivetagPS4PC[link]
Just a reminder to everyone to go and join our facebook group for LoCG! Things have been pretty quiet on the website lately so we might have a bit more luck over there lol. Click on the link and join us if you haven't already!
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[MIA] Pippen InactivetagPS4PCTimmy_Too_Far and I are engaged!!! Who would have thought that I'd find my future wife amongst you rowdy bunch of casual gamers?! Just wanna say a big thankyou to every one of you guys, it's been a blast over the last three years and I know that there are many more years of gaming to enjoy with you lot :d LoCG for life!
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[MIA] Pippen InactivetagPS4PC  Thanks guys, of course everyone is invited!!!
[MIA] sraftry InactivetagPS4PC  my commiserations.
[MIA] TURBO InactivetagPS4PC  crazy! nice!
[MIA] sraftry InactivetagPS4PC  created a new thread Show us you BF1 Clips in the Battlefield 1 (PS4) forum
[MIA] TURBO InactivetagPS4PC
DayZ Moments #5 - Dabbin in DayZ
Uploaded by TURBOxTV on 2016-12-10.
[MIA] Barguy21 ApplicantInactivetagPS4Enjoying "Wild Turkey Wednesday" with KittyMcFluffButt.
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Tahous tagPS4  created a new thread Hi in the Introductions forum
[MIA] Barguy21 ApplicantInactivetagPS4  registered to League of Casual Gamers (LoCG)
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