xxTimmyTooFarxx is the winner of our first Competition!!

xxtimmytoofarxx - 5 Recruitments
JasonAge - 4 Recruitments
ShinXhan - 2 Recruitments
David Potts - 1 Recruitment
MasiTank - 1 Recruitment

Congratulations to xxTimmyTooFarxx!!!

LoCG is all about its Clan Members. 
We acknowledge all that you do to make this Clan a fun and friendly community, and we want to give back to you. So....

LoCG would like to announce the very first competition for its members, with a great prize up for grabs!!

The prize is a PS4 Skin to give your console that customized look!!

This prize has been kindly donated by the LoCG Council to say thanks to you!  

The winner will be the member who can recruit the most new applicants in a four week period!

So get hunting now, find as many people you know or recruit from inside your favourite game, and get them to apply to LoCG for your chance to win this great prize!
(make sure they mention your name in their application!)
Good Luck!

Terms and conditions:
Competition will run for four weeks commencing 8th Nov 2014 - 6th Dec 2014.
The winner will be the LoCG Member that refers the most new Applicants to LoCG and has their Clan Username mentioned in said application. The applications must be deemed genuine to count.
The LoCG Council will determine the winner using the above criteria.
The Prize consists of a PS4 Custom Skin (and DS4 Skin if included) purchased from Ebay, of the winners choice, of up to the value of $30. 
Custom Skin combinations can be viewed on Ebay using the search 'PS4 Skins'.
This Prize is not transferable for cash or any other prize.
Competition is open to all members except LoCG Council Members.

Squirrel tagPS4tag Current Leaderboard, with one day of our Competition to go! xxtimmytoofarxx - 5 Recruitments JasonAge - 4 Recruitments ...
Squirrel tagPS4tag JasonAge - 4 Kelly - 3 ShinXhan - 2 David Potts - 1
DP. tagPS4tag What's the scores on the doors please Squirrel?